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Emergency Plumbers in Burgess Hill and Haywards Heath | Your First Steps

Most homeowners will face a plumbing emergency at one time or another. What matters most isn’t so much about the plumbing services you need or the emergency plumbers you choose. Your most urgent concern is to protect your Burgess Hill or Haywards Heath property from damage. Only then should you give our plumbers a call. It’s important not to do anything that’s potentially dangerous, but a few simple steps could stop a minor crisis turning into a catastrophe.


There may even be times where you won’t need to call our emergency plumbers at all. If you have some basic DIY knowledge and the right tools, you could easily deal with something as simple as a small blockage or a leaking tap yourself.


Whenever the job looks too big for a hobbyist, it usually is. The team at PJF Plumb Right & Property Maintenance can provide emergency plumbing services in all parts of East and West Sussex. Burgess Hill and Haywards Heath are our key service areas, but we can also dispatch plumbers to locations such as Cuckfield, Lindfield and Hassocks.


Leaking from the ceiling or pooling on the floor, we’re the local emergency plumbers who always give you more.

Dealing with a Plumbing Emergency


PJF Plumb Right & Property Maintenance understands that emergencies lead to panic but, with a cool head and access to responsive plumbing services in your local area, it’s easy to avoid property damage. We strongly advise that you keep the number of our emergency plumbers close to your home telephone, and on your handheld device. This way, you’ll always have our details available should you need them.


Customers can contact us on 07393 838 177. We have emergency plumbing services available within a wide radius of our home in Burgess Hill, including the nearby Haywards Heath area.


While you are waiting for our plumbers to arrive, please check for the following and take appropriate action if required:


Close the Water Supply – In an emergency situation, shut down the supply of water as quickly as possible. Make a note of where the main valve is in your home so you can always find it. Valves turn in a clockwise direction to close the supply.


Shut Down the Boiler – Emergency plumbers and gas engineers recommend that you shut down your boiler from the main valve to close off the gas supply, and to stop heat building up. This stops boilers overheating and the casing from breaking.


Deal with Small Leaks – Homeowners in the Burgess Hill and Haywards Heath areas can slow down small pipework leaks with plumber’s tape. Placing towels around the worst leak points, or using buckets, minimises the risk of serious water damage.


Follow Advice – While you wait for our plumbing services, we make sure our emergency plumbers stay in touch with you. Follow any extra advice they give and, if told to vacate your property, please find a safe place to wait for our arrival.

For emergency plumbing services, anywhere in Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath or the surrounding areas, call us immediately on 07393 838 177.