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Boiler and Bathroom Installations in Haywards Heath | An Introduction to Boiler Types

In the combined role of plumbers and bathroom fitters with a great reputation in the nearby Haywards Heath area, PJF Plumb Right & Property Maintenance is the name to trust when it comes to plumbing services, bathroom installations and work on boilers. Whether you need a new boiler installation, or services from our emergency plumbers and gas engineers after a breakdown, we cover all eventualities faced by domestic and commercial property owners.


With regard to new boiler installations, our plumbers and gas engineers take the time to explain the various options available to you. This guarantees an ideal fit for the unique demands of your household. As bathroom fitters, we can also integrate new boilers into designs for bathroom installations.


With expertise across a complete range of plumbing services in the Haywards Heath area, we provide customers and clients with the perfect platform for finding a new boiler. This includes the consideration of factors such as the build size and type, the water pressure and, of course, the number of shower or bathroom installations in the property.


For the convenience of prospective new customers from Haywards Heath, we introduce the three most popular boiler types below. To discuss boiler-related work, bathroom installations or our general plumbing services, please contact us on 07393 838 177. We also operate as emergency plumbers so, if you have a sudden issue with a boiler of any kind, be sure to get in touch.

The Most Popular Condensing Boilers

By law, plumbers can only fit condensing boilers as part of a new installation. The three most common condensing boiler types are:


  1. Combi Boilers – Combi boilers usually make for the most cost-effective solution. Naturally, this changes from one home to the next, so this is not a one-size-fits-all model. Combi boilers control the hot water and central heating, creating a feed directly from the mains. As a result, occupants receive unlimited hot water without the need for a separate cylinder or water tank.
  2. System Boilers – Plumbers and bathroom fitters often recommend system boilers for homes in Haywards Heath with multiple bathroom installations. They don’t require a water tank but do need a hot water storage cylinder. Manufacturers build in most of the primary system components for a more efficient installation. This model makes maintenance, repair work and related plumbing services from our emergency plumbers much simpler.
  3. Conventional Boilers – Also known as open vent, heat-only or traditional boilers, the conventional design uses a cylinder and a water storage tank. These boilers take up more space inside a property, but they can supply hot water to multiple bathroom installations in large quantities. Our plumbers and bathroom fitters suggest this design for larger households in Haywards Heath.


Whether you require a boiler installation, a service, an upgrade or related plumbing services to keep your central heating system running optimally, our emergency plumbers, registered Gas Safe engineers and time-served bathroom fitters can help. PJF Plumb Right & Property Maintenance has all of your needs covered, and we deliver our solutions under the banner of a single, professional and customer-focused business.


Haywards Heath is just one of many areas covered by our company, located in Burgess Hill.

From plumbing services to bathroom installations, if you live in Haywards Heath and would like more details about any of our services, call 07393 838 177.