At PJF Plumb Right, we provide a complete range of plumbing services which cover every eventuality our domestic customers and commercial clients might face. Be it the small annoyance of a dripping tap or a dreaded burst pipe, our plumbers utilise more than 30 years of shared trade experience to manage any circumstances. With this level of expertise, we tailor our approach to suit your unique requirements, ensuring an effective, swift resolution to your problem. By their very nature, a significant amount of plumbing issues arise unexpectedly. As such, we operate as emergency plumbers, undertaking work on a reactive basis, perfectly supplementing our planned, proactive plumbing services.


Based in Burgess Hill, we cover locations across East and West Sussex. This includes our key service areas of Cuckfield, Hassocks, Haywards Heath and Lingfield. With direct access to locations throughout the region, our emergency plumbers arrive at properties in a timely manner.


Our full range of plumbing services includes:


• Emergency Plumbing

• General Plumbing

• Plumbing Repairs

• Power Flushing

• Blocked Sinks

• Blocked Toilets

• Burst Pipes

• Leaking Taps

• Water Leak Detection

• Water Supply Pipe Repairs

• Unvented Hot Water Cylinders

• Shower Installation and Repair

• Radiators, Valves and Thermostats

• Boiler Installations

Bathroom Installations


From ball valves to stop cocks, and from immersion heaters to flush cylinders, the plumbers at PJF Plumb Right handle plumbing jobs of any size and complexity. Please contact us on 07393 838 177 to discuss your own specific plumbing services.

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While an array of plumbing issues arise without much warning, property owners in Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath and the neighbouring areas can reduce the likelihood of such events. Proactive plumbing services such as regular servicing and maintenance play a vital role in reducing the chances of such emergency situations occurring. In addition, scheduled work also optimises the efficiency of your system, ensuring smooth and impressive daily performance.


Proactive services also allow our plumbers to uncover small issues before they develop into bigger, more costly problems. Identifying problems in their early stages remains essential to minimising the impact to your property and the total cost of any repair work. Quite simply, we can perform a small spot repair with much less disruption and expense when compared with a burst pipe.


Likewise, ignoring visual warning signs of common plumbing problems only represents a false economy. If the situation goes unchecked, it will eventually reach breaking point. When this happens, our emergency plumbers can assess the damage. Invariably, it requires more extensive, and expensive, repair work.


From Burgess Hill to Haywards Heath, our plumbers take great pride in our hard-earned reputation for providing a complete service package. We discuss every repair and installation option available to our customers, as well as the timescale and cost, before starting work.


Of course, it’s impossible to completely eliminate plumbing emergencies; but with our extensive range of scheduled plumbing services and the expertise of our emergency plumbers, we have the ability to resolve them as swiftly as possible.

For more information about any of our plumbing services in Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath or any other East or West Sussex location, call 07393 838 177.

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