As specialists in a full range of Gas Safe-compliant plumbing services, PJF Plumb Right undertakes power flushing for domestic and commercial property owners in East and West Sussex. Power flushing remains an integral part of property maintenance, ensuring your central heating system operates with optimal safety and efficiency. As a water-based system, boilers, pipes and radiators inevitably suffer a build-up of rust, limescale, debris and other substances. Over time, these contaminants transform into a mud-like substance our plumbers refer to as ‘sludge’. Naturally, if allowed to accumulate, this sludge has a negative impact on the performance of your boiler and central heating.


Operating out of Burgess Hill, our plumbers undertake power flushing alongside our wide range of other plumbing services in East and West Sussex. This includes locations such as Cuckfield, Hassocks, Haywards Heath and Lingfield.


When carrying out power flushing, our plumbers pass a chemical solution through your entire system at a rapid speed. The ensuing cleansing process removes the accumulated sludge, returning high levels of performance and efficiency back to your central heating.


Failure to remove sludge has the potential to cause blockages and corrosion. On a smaller scale, this results in inefficiency, the use of more resources and, subsequently, higher utility bills. In more extreme cases, this can lead to system breakdowns or even the need for a complete boiler replacement.


Checks for power flushing form part of annual boiler servicing, but our plumbers perform this service at any time during the year. For more details about power flushing or any of our other plumbing services, please call PJF Plumb Right on 07393 838 177.

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Below, we have listed some of the signs our plumbers look for when assessing central heating systems in Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath and the neighbouring areas.


• Excessive noise from the heating system pump or boiler

• Heating systems take a long time to warm up

• Radiators don’t fully heat up or have cold spots

• Specific radiators not working at all

• A cold radiator with hot pipes

• Faulty and leaking radiators

• Sludge in the expansion tank and feed

• Boiler regularly cuts out and needs restarting

• Discoloured water from radiators when bled

• No water escapes from a radiator when bled


These ten points cover most scenarios but are by no means exhaustive. If you notice any change in the behaviour and/or performance of your radiators or central heating system and you haven’t had a power flush for a while, please get in touch. One of our plumbers will visit your property at the earliest convenience to assess your situation.




As with our full range of property maintenance and plumbing services in Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath and the surrounding areas, power flushing delivers multiple benefits, including:


• Radiators that heat up quicker

• Radiators with more heat

• Quieter boilers and radiators

• A more efficient system

• Cheaper energy bills

• Higher hot water temperatures

• Less chance of a sudden breakdown

• Increased lifespan of the heating system

If you require power flushing at your property in Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath or any other location in East or West Sussex, speak to one of our plumbers on 07393 838 177.

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power flushing 1
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power flushing 1
power flushing 2
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