PJF Plumb Right provides an extensive range of property maintenance services to suit the unique requirements of our domestic customers and commercial clients. With more than three decades of shared trade experience, our team has a proven track record for keeping any type of property performing to optimal standards and looking its best. Homes and places of business come in all manner of sizes and architectural styles, but our personnel have the expertise to maintain them all.


Based in Burgess Hill, we undertake property maintenance services throughout East and West Sussex. From Cuckfield to Lingfield, and from Hassocks to Haywards Heath, we have loyal clients spread across the region.


Without the required skills and know-how, maintaining a property quickly becomes a tough task. By entrusting this work to the professionals at PJF Plumb Right, we remove the stress, concern and physical exertion associated with such work, freeing up your time to focus on more important, more enjoyable things.


Maintaining a building to the highest standards requires the skills of multiple tradesmen. As such, choosing a single contractor with the ability to cover all your requirements makes life much simpler. Opting to source individual contractors for every job often leads to miscommunication, poor-quality work and delays. At PJF Plumb Right, we have a qualified, experienced workforce to handle an array of property maintenance requirements.


Our full range of property maintenance services includes:


• Plumbing

• Heating

• Plastering

• Painting

• Tiling

• Skirting

• Coving

• Bathrooms

• Kitchens

• Bedrooms

• Light Carpentry

• Insurance Work

• Handyman Services

• Whole House Conversions


If you require any of the above services at your property in Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath or the neighbouring areas, please call us on 07393 838 177.


For an insight into the superior results and levels of customer service we provide, please read our testimonials.

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Regardless of whether you own a residential home or a commercial property, it will inevitably suffer wear and tear over the years. Various factors affect how this damage manifests itself. For example, high traffic areas will degrade at a quicker rate to quieter areas, while aspects such as build quality and the grade of materials used in construction influence durability.


From the perspective of the owner, regular property maintenance represents a vital investment. In the short-term, it ensures ongoing safety and optimal performance, while in the long-term it helps to increase resale value.


Below, we have listed some of the further benefits associated with our property maintenance service in Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath and the wider Sussex region.


• Regular maintenance avoids larger, more expensive repair work

• Our personnel have the expertise to work on properties of any kind

• Our services reduce the likelihood of disruptive and stressful incidents

• PJF Plumb Right works in full compliance with current industry standards

• Outsourcing maintenance work allows you to focus on more important tasks

• Maintenance work helps to protect against the onset of problems in the future

If you require any type of property maintenance in Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath or any other location in East or West Sussex, call 07393 838 177.

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property maintenance 1
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property maintenance 1
property maintenance 2
property maintenance 1
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